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New Product Announcement

CoEase™ is a 1.2% sodium hyaluronate solution that is designed to provide excellent protection with the ease of use preferred by today's cataract surgeons. CoEase™ has the unique advantage of being closer to an adhesive in molecular weight than any other cohesive. This allows it to provide optimum viscosity at high shear rates, giving you the best of both worlds from the beginning to the end of your cataract procedure. CoEase™ provides clear visualization and excellent chamber maintenance during Capsulorhexis, High viscosity for more stay during phaco, easy expansion of the capsular bag and outstanding protection of the corneal endothelium during IOL insertion and superb ease of removal .
Advanced Medical Optics Inc.,
Phone: 714.247.8200


The new light weight and user friendly APPASAMY VIDEO INDIRECT OPHTHALMOSCOPE VIO-7 is built with most modern resources of optical engineering to fulfill the doctors' documentation needs and laser system compatibility.
High resolution CCD color camera with advanced digital signal processing
Fine Focussing adjustment to get sharp video images
Wide visual field and strain free binocular vision
Illumination spot center adjustable
Setup is very simple and easy bulb replacement .........
Appasamy Associates
Phone +91 44 2475 7363, 2475 1039 Fax +91 44 2475 4721,

A New Blade... from MICROspecialties, inc.

Model: QE 700
Ref #: 700700

Compatible with Moria M2 System
10 count box

Superior cutting edge,
laser calibrated, precision flaps.

These blades are CE marked.
MICROspecilties, Inc.
Phone: 203-874-1832 Fax: 203-877-3762


Rhein medical announces two new Sapphire LRI Knives

Rhein medical announces two new Sapphire LRI Knives. The blades are mounted onto aluminum handles with a single footplate. The Advantage I Sapphire Knife (Product # 05-9006) has a 1mm wide snub nose blade which is sharp all around, and the handle has preset depth calibrations of 0.3mm & 0 .6mm, in addition to full advancement and retraction.
The Advantage II Sapphire Knife (Product # 05-9007) has a 0.75mm wide sharp blade with blunt side edges. The handle has present calibrations of 0.3mm, 0.55mm, and 0.6mm, in addition to full advancement and retraction...
Rhein Medical Inc.
Phone: 813-885-5050

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