Advanced Medical Optics, Inc., is pleased to announce the introduction of CoEase™, a 1.2% sodium hyaluronate solution that is designed to provide excellent protection with the ease of use preferred by today’s cataract surgeons. CoEase™ has the unique advantage of being closer to an adhesive in molecular weight than any other cohesive. This allows it to provide optimum viscosity at high shear rates, giving you the best of both worlds from the beginning to the end of your cataract procedure.

Benefits of CoEase™…

- Clear visualization
- Excellent chamber maintenance
- High viscosity for more stay
IOL Insertion
- Easy expansion of the capsular bag
- Outstanding protection of the corneal endothelium
- Superb ease of removal

Available in convenient 0.5-mL and 0.8-mL sizes, CoEase™ delivers the performance and characteristics you expect for a wide range of anterior and posterior segment procedures. You can confidently choose CoEase™, knowing that it’s backed by the service and support of AMO, a worldwide leader in cataract and refractive surgery. As always, thank you for your continued support of the AMO family of products.


Chris Calcaterra
Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Advanced Medical Optics, Inc.

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Intended Use Statement: CoEase™ is intended for use during surgery in the anterior and posterior segments of the human eye. Procedures include: cataract extraction, intraocular lens (IOL) implantation, corneal transplantation surgery, glaucoma filtering surgery, and surgical procedures to reattach the retina. CoEase™ is designed to create and maintain anterior depth and visibility, protect corneal endothelial cells and other intraocular tissues, minimize interaction between tissues during surgical manipulation, and act as a vitreous substitute during retina reattachment surgery. CoEase™ also preserves tissue integrity and good visibility when used to fill the anterior and posterior segments of the eye following open sky procedures. Warnings/Precautions/Contraindications: At the present time there are no contraindications to the use of CoEase™ when used as recommended. Please refer to package insert for full prescribing information.